World map

World Map of Gisido


The colored areas on the map are current, racially specific homelands.

Known AreasEdit

Racial Homelands and Cities:Edit

Ardar: Capital of the Kaddri homelands.
Ariadre: Largest Asaltante city.
Atis: Forest Elf city.
Hama: Sekahn capital city.
Monius: Capital of the Old Empire, and current capital of the remains of the Gaesin Empire.
Suku: Sobin capital city.
Tyre: Largest city of the Dwarves
The Proving Grounds: Large hub for combatant training; primarily populated by Orcs and Half-Orcs.
Wodale: Capital city of the Halfling homeland.

Counties and Kingdoms:Edit



The County of Pawic

Lake Isis
Renin Falls


Asteraceae Archipelago:

Miscellaneous cities and city statesEdit

   Kran'Soran In The Frozen North of Gisido, lies the dwarven city of Kran’Soran.

Living deep within the frozen mountains, these dwarves are not often  encountered outside of the Frozen North. Their warriors are known for  brandishing large clubs carved from the strong rock of the mountains, as opposed to the axes and swords of their relatives. If a warrior proved  himself the best of his band, he was given a special weapon as symbol of his stature. This was a club, Forged from mystical,  never  melting ice. Kran'Soran, one of the last dwarven cities to fall to the might that  was the Gesen Empire. Whether this was due to the remote and treacherous terrain, or the fierce fighters hardened by their time spent there is  something still up to debate. The great city like most dwarven cities,  is underground. A grand fortress of metal and rock lying inside the  mountains themselves. Famed for it's creations of 'never-melt ice' upon  the 'Frozen anvil' and 'ice-fire forge', the city was a beacon in even  the worst of blizzards.

-Goram, Barbarian Dwarf of Kran'Soran

Remains of the Empire:

Since the Great War, the Gaesin Empire has been forced to rebuild the majority of its cities. Huge, gleaming white marble buildings and statues were reduced to rubble and replaced by brick, stone, and timber. Few locations in the Empire still reflect the massive wealth that the Gaesin once enjoyed. Monius still shines with the same beauty it did before the war, with the original marble palace still standing.

Emperor Llivak now resides in the palace. He was put into power through popular consent when Emperor Mercius was put to death. Llivak is a fair and kind man who cares little for regaining the Empire's former glory, and more about making sure his people are able to live comfortable lives.

-Anonymous (Sakura Santos, Gisido CEO)

  The Mirrenax Wood:

The Mirrenax Wood is a large and thick forest situated at the base of a large crater that used to be a mountain. After the cataclysmic explosion that destroyed the mountain during the war, the forest became something of a nightmare to any and every traveler to enter the supposedly haunted woods. Tales of abominations plaguing travelers, and chasing them out of the forest. It's rumored that if they catch you, you're lucky if they just kill you outright.

The origin of the explosion was never found, but speculations spread, especially since it wasn't long after that event the Obern began to appear. Recently though, these strange beings have began to wander out of the woods. Some nearly look like normal humanoids, with only a few minor changes while others are considerably more monstrous that barely resemble any other living being. Both have been seen conversing with others as well as flying into a frenzy the moment their blood crazed eyes fall on the unwary.

-Anonymous (Cory Carrington, Gisido COO)


The proud dwarven city of Kharizan, home of the Paragons of Dwarvenkind. Whether it be smithing, fighting, art, any dwarven pursuit, in the city of Kharizan, a master of it lived there. And once upon a time, the greatest of these families was the Jaren clan.  Known for being blessed three generations in a row with Paragons in each generation, they were known as the Blessed family, until the shame of the family, Horus was born. Only remembered in curses as the thrice cursed, his crimes have been lost to time. All that is known is that he betrayed dwarvenkind three times, and forever shamed his family. At least until the newest son of the family was born, Theronin. Born into shame, his goal is to be declared paragon of three different disciplines to answer for the three crimes committed by his families. Obsessed with perfection, he has set forth to master himself, and three dwarvencrafts: magic, axemanship, and forging. Only then would he return to his home, to bring pride back to his family.

Theronin Jaren, Dwarven citizen of Kharizan

Places of NoteEdit

Colleges and Universities:Edit

Arcane University of Varae (In Pawic):Edit

A large part of Pawic's (including marna) Mages and Healer's guild comes from this university. As in their name, they have an obvious affiliation with teaching schools of magic, teaching how magic works, studies of gods (old and new), and have a large emphesis in developing new spells, specifically of Arcane schools. This is what this university is well known for, and it is claimed that the founder was the first to use the Firestorm spell. Graduates do not typically spend more than a few years, however those who stay longer often graduate with more prestige, and are more likely to land higher positions in guilds relating to their studies.

Monius Academy of Martial Prowess:

This Military Academy has trained some of the greatest military generals through history, and its attendants are nearly entirely Gaesin. It has a high standard of physical perfection, though the majority of the classes needed to graduate emphasize military strategy, cunning, reasoning problems, ethical issues of combat, and has a surprisingly large and well-placed chess club. There is even a required course of the game needed to graduate.

Adharth School of Ethical Necromancy:

A school based in endo-blessed divine magic. Its emphasis on necromancy has forced it over the years to adopt the word "ethical" into its name. The school's large range of topics include the studies and physiology of the undead, and a large portion of classes teaching philosophical ideals on how to create, tend to, and treat the undead. Also one of the only largely magical based universities to have a large class list based in botany, mostly poisons and how to safely grow and maintain them.

Woodale Academy of Brewing, Botany and Baking:

Halflings are an odd people, and this university specializes on things they enjoy most, be it directly or indirectly. that being, food, and the growing of. With one of the most diverse collection of courses, most students tend to stay in this school for far longer than other universities.

Tyre Craft School of Smithing:

Up in the mountains the dwarves teach classes on the working of metal, identification of ores, and the proper extraction of them, as well as a select few classes on how to enchant weapons, armor, and otherwise mundane objects, and even a few martial arts classes on how to use the weapons you have made.

Ardar School of Thought:

A clever name for a clever university. Since ancient times this university has existed, at first in small numbers teaching out-door classes pondering the meaning of life, now in a well known and prestigious university, focusing mainly on philosophy and the ideas of metaphysics, trying to answer the questions that they think matter most. This school, however, has what is arguably the most diverse list of courses, covering magic, engineering, trap making, black smithing, brewing, poison making, and of course most heavily philosophy.

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