Appearance- Coal black skin and white hair.

Behavior- Sekahn are extremely friendly to anyone they meet and will do what they can to be kind and helpful.

History- Throughout the era of the Old Empire and the Great War, the Sekahn held a neutral stance. They provided aid to anyone who sought it and shelter to those in need. Those that fought, fought for small groups of rebels that took major losses while the injured were tended to. After the war, large numbers of Sekahn emerged from their underground paradises and began cities above ground.

Society- Sekahn society is dominated by women with each clan’s eldest woman as its leader.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Like other elves, Sekahn age slower than humans. It takes a Sekahn two years to mature as much as a human does in a single year. On average, Sekahn live to reach 300 years of age.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit:  +1 Damage with One Handed Blades

Drawback: -2 HP

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