Appearance- Orcs have green skin and usually display a noticeable under bite. They tend to wear simple clothes and hides.

Behavior- These beings have short tempers and favor force over logic when dealing with a problem. Orcs love conflict and will fight for dominance when they meet one another for the first time. At an early age, Orc boys are taken and trained in the ways of war. The use of ranged weapons is taboo to any Orc. Orcs hold a respect for magic and use it to explain most strange events they witness. They have several superstitions as well, though they vary depending on the tribe.

History- With the rise of the Old Empire, Orcs were shunned and eventually banished to the Wasteland because of their undesirable qualities. There they developed tribes that wandered about, and still do, in search of a permanent home and decent resources.

Society- Tribes are led by either the strongest fighter or by a shaman. At the age of 7, boys are taken to the Proving Grounds, where they spend 13 years training to become Gisido’s finest warriors. Half-Orcs aren’t strong enough to live up to Orcish standards and are looked down upon for that reason.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Orcs age four times faster than humans. It takes three months for an Orc to mature as much as a human does in a year. It is not uncommon to hear of Orcs living to be 20 years old.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit:+2 HP, -2 SP cost for Two Handed Blade

Drawback: +2 SP cost for Spells

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