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An Ogre


Appearance- Grey skin with black hair. Ogres tend to prefer earth toned clothing.

Behavior- War bands and military units are families among Ogres. They tend to have short tempers and are likely to kill first and ask questions later. Ogres are less intelligent than other races and usually only display a limited vocabulary and a lack of social decency.

History- Ogres were created through selective breeding and strange spells and have since become a naturally reproducing population. Originally, they were created to serve the Gaesin as frontline soldiers during the Great War, and know little of the world other than war. After the war, several Ogre clans were freed and found new homes throughout Gisido, but those that remained within Gaesin lands have remained slave soldiers and function as slave laborers as well.

Society- Ogres always function as a group and will look to their leader to do the decision making and for diplomatic ability. The leader of a group is usually the strongest fighter or, more commonly, a Gaesin overseer.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Ogres age faster than humans in the sense that it takes three months for an Ogre to reach the same maturity it takes a human to reach in a single year. On average, Ogres live up to 20 years.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: +3 HP, -2 SP  cost for 2 Handed Bludgeon

Drawback: +2 SP cost for Read and Write, +2 SP cost for Spells

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