An Obern


Appearance- Comprised of metal and wood with a gem set somewhere in the body.

Behavior- Obern that have a transplanted soul will display the behavioral traits of the race of the original creature. Otherwise, an Obern granted artificial sentience will rely on logic and calculation for their decisions. They show little to no emotion, but are capable of experiencing emotions. Due to their artificial metabolism and elaborate ‘vein’ network, Obern experience the need for food and water.

History- The original Obern was created by a Halfling man named Isiphous when his wife died while they hid from the Gaesin Empire. He fled back to his homeland and hired a small workforce to produce Obern to support the rebels in the Great War. After the war, many Obern have found themselves serving as bodyguards and as members of militias for several communities.

Society- There are no communities in Gisido that are primarily populated by Obern. However, Obern can be found in almost any community now. Groups of Obern are just that—groups. Each Obern is a self-governing individual.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: +3 HP, Resist Magic x1

Drawback: Can only cast up to Level 3 Spells

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