In this world exists some common tales and lores that its citizens are familiar with.

The Legend of the SixEdit

Long ago, well before the rise of the human empire, a different evil plagued the land. This darkness left nothing in its wake, destroying any and all it came into contact with. A hero of good rose to fight the darkness, but he was betrayed. The darkness, instead of killing the hero, took his body for it's own and spread it's evil and destruction unchecked until it nearly swallowed the world. With civilization pushed to the brink, six champions rose to fight off the evil by wielding physical manifestations of virtues. The Strong and Honest knight wielding his 2-handed hammer 'The Hard Truth', the Kind and Gentle Savior with her shield 'Kindnesses Guard', the Generous Archer with the crystal bow 'The Gracious Gift', the Laughing Trickster with her ball and chain mace 'Surprise!', the Loyal Bladedancer wielding the twin swords 'Twin Loyalties', and finally the Scholarly Mage with the staff 'Knowledge Unbound'. Together these six rose to combat the darkness, forcing it back one city at a time until they forced it into it's final stronghold. There they fought a glorious and terrible battle that pushed the champions to their limits, strained the virtues they'd come to represent, and stressed their new found relationships. In the end, they were able to purge the darkness from the Hero, but in doing so, the darkness lacked a physical form with which it could be destroyed in. Acting before the evil could escape, the Hero sacrificed himself using the last of his power to seal away the darkness for all eternity. As time passed, the six champions went their separate ways, but always remained connected so that as new threats rose they would always be ready to fight it off. Eventually the six champions passed away, but their weapons remained upon this plane awaiting a time when they'd be needed again. For the Darkness is always chipping away at the seal, always trying to break free and swallow the world. It is rumored that when this evil is on the verge of freedom, the virtues shall seek new wielders so that they may finally destroy the darkness once and for all....

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