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A Dragon Kaddri

Kaddri have nearly unlimited sub-types, each being a type of creature, magical or not. Some examples include Cat, Dog, Tanuki, bakeneko, or even Dragon


Appearance- Humanoids with animalistic features that can include skin colored similarly to the fur patterns of the animals they exhibit traits of, fur, and even ears and tails.

Behavior- Kaddri are curious creatures and are eager learners. They are cautious when meeting someone new, but are friendly once they get to know them.

History- Despite being isolated from the rest of the world until the age of the Old Empire, Kaddri society is rather sophisticated. When the humans took over, many Kaddri settlements shifted to more secluded clearings within the forests. The Gaesin of the Old Empire often viewed Kaddri much like house pets rather than people. During the Great War, Kaddri often provided the rebel forces with magical assistance. After the war, rather than finding a new homeland, the Kaddri stayed and rebuilt their kingdom from the ruins the war had left.

Society- Kaddri communities are usually led by a council of elders that has up to 10 members. These council members make decisions on nearly every issue. Additionally, members of the community will often ask the elders for advice and guidance.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Kaddri age faster than humans in the fact that it takes a Kaddri four months to reach the same maturity that a human reaches in one year. Kaddri tend to live up to 25 years on average.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: -1 SP cost for Arcane Arts and Divine Arts, Superior Smelling, and a Unique skill

Drawback: +2 SP cost for Archery

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