Humans have three sub-types. Asaltante, Gaesin, and Gypsy.



Appearence - Asaltante appear as any human does, but their clothing is usually simple and earth-toned, though plaid patterns and more vibrant colors aren’t uncommon. Furs are commonly used for casual wear.  

Behavior- Contrary to popular belief, the Asaltante are very civil and well behaved individuals. Their view of honor is very similar to that of the Sobin, and no Asaltante has been known to go back on their word. They are fierce warriors, which is what caused most of the other races to view them as barbaric. It is extremely rare to meet an Asaltante who exhibits fear or who would retreat in battle. The Asaltante have their own beliefs regarding greater powers. Although they respect Endo, Prana, and Gaia, they tend to worship others as well. These include Ibil, the Lord of Trickery, his brother Orneus, the God of Law, Etrin, Goddess of the moon, and Baran, the God of the sun. 

History- During the reign of Emperor Mercius, the Asaltante grew tired of his tyranny and migrated to the east. They found a large bay where they settled and built farms and a thriving community. During the Great War, Asaltante raiding parties were responsible for destroying entire Gaesin harbors and strongholds, dealing a crippling blow to the Empire’s defenses and at the same time, providing much needed resources to the rebels. Since the war, the Asaltante have settled back into their farms and act more as explorers than as raiders; though at times, they will sack a settlement for much needed resources if the need arises.  

Society- All members of Asaltante society are considered equals and deserving of such respect. Their communities are led by elected officials who vote on issues based on the community’s views. Most often, slaves perform physical labor such as tending the fields and construction and are usually captured during raids.

Aging and Life Expectancy- As with all humans, Asaltante age at the same rate as a human of the real world. On average, all humans live to be roughly 60 years of age.           


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Appearance- Gaesin appear as any other human would, but tend to favor the colors red and white, especially among their clothing. 

Behavior- Gaesin are group oriented and are likely to assist one another if asked to do so. They view Gypsies and Asaltante as worthy of being called their kin, but look down on them for turning their backs on the Empire during the Great War. To a Gaesin, any other race is better off dead or enslaved, with the exception of Ogres who are perfect for anything from slave labor to serving as foot soldiers. The majority of Gaesin wish to see the power of the Old Empire restored; though everyone has their own reason why. Most Gaesin prefer to only associate themselves with other humans. 

History- More than a century ago, the humans of Gisido expanded their empire to contain most of the civilized lands. Early on, the rulers of the kingdoms that were conquered managed to maintain some control by means of participating in a council created to oversee the new empire. This form of government lasted for nearly a decade until Emperor Galius Linuso died and his son, Mercius was crowned the new Emperor at the age of 13. Mercius quickly had the members of the High Council assassinated. Without other politicians to oppose his views, he manipulated the laws and bent them to his will, granting himself total power. Not long after, strict laws were in place banning mind-altering substances, the ownership of weapons, and the practice of magic outside of the halls of the Mages Guild. Some races such as Orcs were deemed undesirable and banished to the Wastelands. Anyone who spoke out against the tyrant were killed off and made a public example of. Eventually the other races and sects of humans known as Asaltante and Gypsies began to revolt. The rebellion was slow at first, but eventually picked up enough steam to start an all-out war. Obern began to make an appearance during the Great War, and in order to keep up the war effort, the Gaesin Empire utilized the help of an old mage by the name of Agos to create Ogres to serve as frontline combatants. Agos was assassinated soon after his creations were seen. After a decade of war, the rebellion was successful and emperor Mercius was executed for his tyranny.

The other races went their own ways and began to build their own kingdoms, leaving the remaining Gaesin to maintain the territory around their once thriving capital, Monius. Most of the lesser cities throughout the territory of the Old Empire, as it has come to be called, have either become ghost towns or have been reduced to ruins. 

Society- Gaesin society is collectivist, what one person does reflects on the group as a whole. Nobles are usually granted power through bloodline and their followers are extremely loyal and will rarely refuse to follow a command given by their superiors.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Gaesin, as all humans, age at the same rate of humans of the real world and can live up to 60 years on average. 



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- A gypsy appears like any other human. The primary difference between a Gypsy and another human however, is the clothes they wear. Gypsies love flamboyant, colorful clothing and plenty of jewelry. 

Behavior- Gypsies are very family oriented, and as such, family comes before anyone else. This being so, Gypsies still enjoy associating and interacting with the other races, especially if the interaction includes plenty of drinking and parties. Outsiders are welcome among Gypsy communities and are allowed to join Gypsy clans. Outsiders who join Gypsy clans are treated as family, regardless of their kind. Gypsies will do what they can to obtain money- their favorite method is to act as merchants; they prove successful in this field of work due to their constant travels allowing a wide trade network. 

History- During the time of the Old Empire, Gypsies enjoyed a comfortable life alongside the Gaesin and Asaltante. However, the liquor they so enjoyed was banned and few people were in the spirits to host or attend parties. This led the Gypsies to become bored with life and to become uncomfortable with their way of life. Just before the rebellion that spurred the Great War, Gypsy clans began to leave the Empire in search of lands to call their own. During the Great War, the few Gypsies that participated acted as spies for the rebels. Since the end of the war, the majority of Gypsies have found themselves traveling about in search of a new home; hoping to escape the negative energies that the wrongdoings of the Gaesin have brought to humans. 

Society- Gypsies roam about in caravans made up of a few families. Each family is led by the oldest man who the rest of the family refers to as “Papa”. Papa’s wife is referred to as “Mama”, and any other member of the family is called “Brother” or “Sister”, even if they share no biological relation. Members of other Gypsy clans are commonly called “Cousin”, though any Mama or Papa would refer to them as “Brother” or “Sister”.

Aging and Life Expectancy- As with all humans, Gypsies age at the same rate of a human of the real world and tend to see 60 years of life on average.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: -1 SP cost for Trade Skills

Drawback: +1 SP cost for Resist Magic, Resist Sleep, and Resist Poison.

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