Appearance- Halflings appear to be short humans with thick body and facial hair, especially in the form of bushy eyebrows and hair-backed hands.

Behavior- Halflings love to create new things and have proven their abilities with gear-driven, spring powered devices such as the clock. Halflings enjoy playing practical jokes on one another and rarely are interested in conflict. They tend to have a large appetite which is most apparent when sweets and baked goods are involved.

History- Little has changed in Halfling society that anyone can remember. Their secluded island home allowed for the Halfling homeland to remain unaffected by the expansion of the human empire, and there were few Halfling settlements elsewhere in Gisido at the time of the Old Empire. The only involvement the Halflings had during the Great War was a small group led by a man named Isiphous that created the original Obern.

Society- Halfling communities are often self-sufficient and self-governed. Every Halfling is their own individual and makes his or her own decisions.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: -1 SP cost for Trade Skill: Inventor

Drawback: +2 SP cost for Two Handed Blade and Two Handed Bludgeon

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