Appearance- Half-Orcs display pale green skin and tend to prefer simple clothes.

Behavior- More level headed than their full-blooded parents, Half-Orcs are more likely willing to talk than to fight. Half-Orcs are more understanding of the use of spells than Orcs and are slightly more capable with them. However, they are weaker and as such find it a bit more difficult to wield a two-handed weapon.

History- During the time of the Old Empire, Orcs were shunned from society for their brutish behavior and repulsive looks (deemed so by the Gaesin). Some humans took pity on the Orcs and accompanied them in the Wasteland. Interspecies breeding brought about Half-Orcs which are viewed as too weak to serve as warriors to Orcs and undesirable in general to most humans of the Old Empire.

Society- Half-Orcs intermingle in Orcish society but are viewed as lesser beings. They are normally stuck performing mundane tasks such as farming and building while their Orcish cousins serve as the society’s fighting force.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Half-Orcs age faster than humans in the fact that it takes six months for a Half-Orc to reach the same maturity a human reaches in a year. They usually live to be up to 30 years old. 

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: +1 HP, -1 SP cost for Two Handed Blade

Drawback: +1 SP cost for Spells

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