Elves have two sub-types, Sobin and Forest Elf


Appearance- Sobin look similar to humans but have pointed ears. Their clothes are simple but elegant and are adorned with intricate patterns and designs. Their blades commonly sport a slight curve and a single cutting edge.

Behavior- Sobin are usually rather calm but view themselves as better than the other races. Honor is the most important aspect of any Sobin. If their honor is broken, or if someone challenges it, they will redeem or defend it with their life. A Sobin’s weapon is usually a family heirloom and is the most sacred possession of any of their warriors. These elves also tend to be very well mannered, so much so that what a Sobin may consider rude may be nothing at all to another culture. Tea is a favorite among most Sobin, and is shared with guests on several occasions and for multiple reasons from entertainment to apology. If a Sobin’s honor is muddled, they will likely commit seppuku, a ritualistic suicide that involves disemboweling oneself and being beheaded by a member of their clan.

History- Before the age of the Old Empire, the Sobin and Forest Elves lived as one community in several settlements spread about the land. When the Gaesin took over the realm, the Sobin and Forest Elves were accepted more often than the other races, as they resembled humans greatly. The Forest Elves fled the Gaesin regime while the Sobin stayed and flourished. During the Great War, few Sobin assisted the Gaesin. Most Sobin remained neutral throughout the rebellion, and those that fought, did so for the rebels. After the war, the majority of the Sobin populace migrated north of Monius.

Society- Sobin society is collectivist in nature. Most of the time, Sobin are able to get along with the other races, but prefer to only associate with their own kind.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Sobin, like all other elves, age twice as slow as humans. Thus, it takes a Sobin two years to reach the same maturity a human reaches in a single year. Sobin tend to live to be 300 years old.

Forest ElfEdit

Appearance- Forest Elves resemble Sobin in the fact that they both are similar to humans but have pointed ears. However, Forest Elves prefer primitive clothing, furs and leathers over the clothing styles of the other races. Additionally, it is not uncommon to see a Forest Elf with tribal tattoos and various paint markings on their face and body. Each tribe uses different markings and colors for different meanings, though one marking, the Mourning Band, is universal. It appears as a black stripe across the face and is used to represent the loss of a tribe member or friend and is worn for a week after the passing of the individual.

Behavior- Forest Elves are more willing than Sobin to associate themselves with other races. However, they are leery of the intent of outsiders and expect an outsider to prove a positive intent before accepting them as a friend and ally.

History- During the age of the Old Empire, the Forest Elves were the first to flee the rule of the Gaesin. They established settlements high within the trees where they still thrive to this day. During the Great War, the Forest Elves’ ability to hunt with a bow proved useful in defending their homes and eliminating Gaesin supply caravans moving through the forest.

Society- Each tribe is led by the eldest member. Nature is a precious gift that each Forest Elf wishes to protect. Forest Elves tend to live in small towns that have been built in the tops of trees, but one city, Atis, is a hub for all of the tribes to meet. Laws of the Forest Elves: 1) No man shall betray his kin. Those who would are to be hung by their ankles for two days. 2) Stealing is unacceptable. To do so causes the thief to be given many cuts and tar-covered thorns shall be placed within. 3) To kill a creature without reason means to starve for a week. 4) To kill a kinsman is to be tied to a post by the entrails and forced to disembowel oneself.

Aging and Life Expectancy- As with all elves, Forest Elves age five times slower than humans. Thus, an Elf would take 5 years to reach the same maturity level a human would need one year to reach. Elves can reach up to 300 years of age.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: -1 SP cost for Archery

Drawback: -2 HP

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