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Appearance- A Dwarf’s most obvious feature is their beard. Male or female, they both grow beards and put a great deal of effort into keeping it groomed and well kept. 

Behavior- Most Dwarves are serious and seldom take any situation lightly. Their gruff demeanor makes them seem heartless and without emotion to other races. Dwarves favor those with great ability as blacksmiths and their most prized possessions are usually those that are forged. They also enjoy brewing and drinking some of the most potent liquors Gisido has ever seen. 

History- The Dwarves managed to live in seclusion and away from the Gaesin throughout the era of the Old Empire. During the Great War, Dwarves participated by providing the rebels with fine weapons and armor and granting refugees shelter and care for the injured. 

Society- Most Dwarven cities are located underground, but a few stand on the surface. Dwarven society is that of a democracy- all decisions are voted on and even their leaders are voted for. Everyone is treated as an equal and receives an equal share of whatever resources they need. Decorative items found within Dwarven homes are usually adorned with sparkling gems and made of forged metals.

Aging and Life Expectancy- Compared to humans, a dwarf takes two years to meet the same maturity of a human who took one year to do so. Dwarves commonly live to see 110 years of life. 

In-Game MechanicsEdit

Benefit: +2 HP, -2 SP cost for Smithy

Drawback: +2 SP cost for all Rogue skills

Important and Notable Dwarves of HistoryEdit

Urngon Pyrel- "The greatest craftsman of his time, or Dwarven history, really...When no steel was there to make weapons with in The Great Troll War, He first began to fashion clubs of the stone, then found the Ice of Kran'Soran , and created the Ice Forge to craft the ice into clubs the same way."

-Paraphrased from Goram, detailing the historal war between the northern Dwarves and the Trolls.

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